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Original remote control SAMSUNG BN59-01247A for Televisions | 35.12 € + VAT


BN59-01247A original remote control

Reference: BN59-01247A
Other names: BN5901247A
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original remote control BN59-01247A used for televisions UE 43 KU 6000, UE 43 KU 6079, UE43KU6079UXZG, UE55KS8000LXXN, UE40K5679SUXZG, UE65KU6079UXZG for the brand Samsung. This is an original remote control.


Brand: Samsung
Remote controls Samsung
Make sure that your remote control exactly matches the image or the reference of the remote control shown here. If you have lost the original one, you may find a photo or drawing of the remote in the manual that you can compare to the photo shown here. If you are not sure, or you can't find your remote control, locate the brand and complete model number of the apparatus (you will usually find this on a label on the back of the device) and contact us so we can find a solution.

This remote is used for Televisions

Remote controls for all kinds of televisions (televisions with cathode-ray tubes, TFT, plasma, LCD or LED), a wide variety of makes and models. You can find the original remotes for very model of television and the equivalent remotes, which can replace the originals, for the same model.

Some of the models that use this remote are

Samsung UE 32 K 5579
Samsung UE 32 K 5579
Samsung UE 40 K 5579
Samsung UE 40 K 5579
Samsung UE 40 KU 6079
Samsung UE 40 KU 6079
Samsung UE 43 KU 6000
Samsung UE 43 KU 6000
Samsung UE 43 KU 6079
Samsung UE 43 KU 6079
Samsung UE 43 KU 6400 UXZTSamsung UE 50 KU 6079
Samsung UE 50 KU 6079
Samsung UE 55 K 5579
Samsung UE 55 K 5579
Samsung UE 55 KU 6000
Samsung UE 55 KU 6000
Samsung UE 55 KU 6079
Samsung UE 55 KU 6079
Samsung UE 60 KU 6079
Samsung UE 60 KU 6079
Samsung UE 65 KU 6079
Samsung UE 65 KU 6079
Samsung UE32K5500
Samsung UE32K5500
Samsung UE32K5500AKXZTSamsung UE32K5570
Samsung UE32K5570
Samsung UE32K5570SUXZG Samsung UE32K5579SUXZG Samsung UE32K5600AWXXH Samsung UE32K5659SUXZG Samsung UE32K5670SUXZG
Samsung UE32K5679SUXZG Samsung UE40K5500AKXXCSamsung UE40K5570
Samsung UE40K5570
Samsung UE40K5570SUXZG Samsung UE40K5579SUXZG
Samsung UE40K5600AKXZT Samsung UE40K5600AWXXN Samsung UE40K5605AKXXE Samsung UE40K5607AKXZT Samsung UE40K5659SUXZG
Samsung UE40K5670SUXZG Samsung UE40K5679SUXZG Samsung UE40K6370SUXZFSamsung UE40KU6000
Samsung UE40KU6000
Samsung UE40KU6070UXZG
Samsung UE40KU6079UXZG Samsung UE40KU6092UXXHSamsung UE40KU6100
Samsung UE40KU6100
Samsung UE40KU6100WXXN Samsung UE40KU6470SXXN
Samsung UE43KS7500
Samsung UE43KS7500
Samsung UE43KS7500SXXN Samsung UE43KS7500UXXU Samsung UE43KS7500UXZF Samsung UE43KU6000W (UE43KU6000WXZG)
Samsung UE43KU6050KXZT Samsung UE43KU6070UXXC Samsung UE43KU6070UXZG Samsung UE43KU6072UXXH Samsung UE43KU6075UXXE
Samsung UE43KU6079UXZGSamsung UE43KU6400
Samsung UE43KU6400
Samsung UE43KU6400UXZG Samsung UE43KU6405UXXE Samsung UE43KU6500SXXN
Samsung UE43KU6500UXXU Samsung UE43KU6500UXZF Samsung UE43KU6500UXZG Samsung UE43KU6509U (UE43KU6509UXZG) Samsung UE43KU6670SXXN
Samsung UE43KU6670UXZF Samsung UE49K5500AKXZT Samsung UE49K5570SUXXC Samsung UE49K5579SU (UE49K5579SUXZG) Samsung UE49K5600AWXXN
Samsung UE49K5659SUXZG Samsung UE49K5670SUXZG Samsung UE49K5679SUXZGSamsung UE49K6300
Samsung UE49K6300
Samsung UE49K6370SUXZF
Samsung UE49KS7000
Samsung UE49KS7000
Samsung UE49KS7000SXXN Samsung UE49KS7000UXXU Samsung UE49KS7000UXZFSamsung UE49KS7500
Samsung UE49KS7500
Samsung UE49KS7500SXXN Samsung UE49KS7500UXXU Samsung UE49KS7500UXZF Samsung UE49KS8000LXXN Samsung UE49KS8000TXXU
Samsung UE49KS8000TXZFSamsung UE49KS9000
Samsung UE49KS9000
Samsung UE49KU6100
Samsung UE49KU6100
Samsung UE49KU6100WXXN Samsung UE49KU6172U
Samsung UE49KU6409UXZG Samsung UE49KU6500SXXN Samsung UE49KU6500U (UE 49 KU 6500 U) Samsung UE49KU6500UXXU Samsung UE49KU6500UXZF
Samsung UE49KU6509UXZG Samsung UE49KU6640SXXN Samsung UE49KU6650UXZF Samsung UE49KU6670SXXN Samsung UE50KU6000KXZF
Samsung UE50KU6070UXZG Samsung UE50KU6079UXZG Samsung UE50KU6099UXZGSamsung UE55K5500
Samsung UE55K5500
Samsung UE55K5500AKXXC
Samsung UE55K5570SUXZG Samsung UE55K5579SUXZG Samsung UE55K5600AKXXC Samsung UE55K5659SUXZG Samsung UE55K5672SUXXH
Samsung UE55K5679SUXZGSamsung UE55K6300
Samsung UE55K6300
Samsung UE55K6300AKXZFSamsung UE55KS7000
Samsung UE55KS7000
Samsung UE55KS7000SXXN
Samsung UE55KS7000UXZFSamsung UE55KS7500
Samsung UE55KS7500
Samsung UE55KS7500SXXN Samsung UE55KS7500UXXU Samsung UE55KS8000LXXN
Samsung UE55KS8000TXXU Samsung UE55KS8000TXZF Samsung UE55KS9000LXXN Samsung UE55KS9000TXXU Samsung UE55KS9000TXZF
Samsung UE55KU6000KXZF Samsung UE55KU6020WXXC Samsung UE55KU6020WXXN Samsung UE55KU6050KXZT Samsung UE55KU6070UXZG
Samsung UE55KU6072UXXH Samsung UE55KU6075UXXE Samsung UE55KU6079UXZG Samsung UE55KU6092UXXH Samsung UE55KU6099UXZG
Samsung UE55KU6100
Samsung UE55KU6100
Samsung UE55KU6170UXZG Samsung UE55KU6172UXXHSamsung UE55KU6175
Samsung UE55KU6175
Samsung UE55KU6175UXXE
Samsung UE55KU6179U (UE55KU6179UXZG) Samsung UE55KU6400SXXH Samsung UE55KU6400SXXN Samsung UE55KU6400UXXU Samsung UE55KU6400UXZF
Samsung UE55KU6400UXZG Samsung UE55KU6400UXZT Samsung UE55KU6402UXXH Samsung UE55KU6405UXXE Samsung UE55KU6409UXZG
Samsung UE55KU6450SXXN Samsung UE55KU6470SXXN Samsung UE55KU6470UXXU Samsung UE55KU6470UXZF Samsung UE55KU6500SXXN
Samsung UE55KU6500UXXU Samsung UE55KU6500UXZG Samsung UE55KU6509UXZG Samsung UE55KU6640UXXC Samsung UE55KU6640UXZF
Samsung UE55KU6650UXZF Samsung UE55KU6670SXXN Samsung UE55KU6670UXXU Samsung UE55KU6670UXZF Samsung UE60KS7000SXXN
Samsung UE60KU6000KXXC Samsung UE60KU6000KXZF Samsung UE60KU6000UXRU Samsung UE60KU6000WXXN Samsung UE60KU6020KXXU
Samsung UE60KU6020WXXN Samsung UE60KU6070UXZG Samsung UE60KU6072UXXH Samsung UE60KU6075UXXE Samsung UE60KU6079UXZG
Samsung UE65KS7500
Samsung UE65KS7500
Samsung UE65KS7500UXZF Samsung UE65KS8000TXXU Samsung UE65KS9000LXXN Samsung UE65KS9000TXXU
Samsung UE65KS9000TXZFSamsung UE65KS9500
Samsung UE65KS9500
Samsung UE65KU6000KXZT Samsung UE65KU6070UXZG Samsung UE65KU6079UXZG
Samsung UE65KU6100KXXCSamsung UE65KU6175
Samsung UE65KU6175
Samsung UE65KU6175UXXE Samsung UE65KU6400UXZG Samsung UE65KU6409U (UE65KU6409UXZG)
Samsung UE65KU6500
Samsung UE65KU6500
Samsung UE65KU6500UXZG Samsung UE65KU6680Samsung UE70KU6000
Samsung UE70KU6000
Samsung UE70KU6000KXXC
Samsung UE70KU6000KXXUSamsung UE75KS8000
Samsung UE75KS8000
Samsung UE75KS8000LXXNSamsung UE78KS9500
Samsung UE78KS9500
Samsung UE88KS9800TXXU
Samsung UN50KU6300FXZA
This remote control has the following buttons:
Power, Source, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, TTX/MIX, 0, PRE-CH, Vol+, Vol-, P+, P-, Mute, CH List, Home, Sports, Guide, Extra, Info, Up, Down, Left, Right, Return, Exit, Enter, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Settings, AD/Subt., Rec, Stop, <</I<<, Play, Pause, >>/>>I

It uses 2 batteries of the type AAA

1.5V alcaline batteries AAA LR03, used in a great majority of remote controls.

The remote control is packaged along with batteries (if ordered) in a bubble envelope for more protection. Shipping is done quickly and safely, ensuring, as far as possible, the delivery deadline. The invoice will be sent by email.

Replacement remote controls

Replacement remote controls that replace in all its functions the remote SAMSUNG BN59-01247A:

Replacement remote control for BN59-01247AReplacement for BN59-01247A26.50 € (VAT included)Remote control that meets every one of the functions of the original remote without exception
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Customer reviews
November 2020
Very swift and prompt service! I ordered on a Wednesday and my replacement remote was with me on the following Monday morning. Really good quality product and would highly recommend Mandis Shop for all your technical needs.
July 2021
Remote arrived as described and in perfect condition. Works as the original. thanks
October 2021
Thank you - Thank you - Thank you !!! Everything is perfect: Order, delivery and promises. Best regards
June 2021
It works! Many thanks I'll use you again.
United Kingdom
July 2021
Everything OK.
August 2020
Thank you for the quick delivery, I'm satisfied.
October 2020
Good price and speedy delivery, great replacement for original remote. Highly recommended seller.
United Kingdom
March 2021
I received my shipment, the sign is working and everything is fine, thank you !! About the service !!
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Replacement remote controls
26.50 €BN59-01247A
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