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Original Panasonic Remote Controls for Smart TV


Remote controls specific to Smart TV, if you want to see all Panasonic controls click here.
Make sure the remote you want is exactly the same as the one that came with your TV, if you have any doubts do not hesitate to contact us.


Original remote controls

Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB000462Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB000462Available in stock55.50 € (VAT included)PanasonicFor DMREX83EB, DMREX72S, DMREX72SEGK, DMREX72SEG, DMR-EX72SEGS, DMREX769EFOriginal remote control N2QAYB000842Original remote control N2QAYB000842Available in stock51.65 € (VAT included)Various brandsFor Televisions TXL47FT60E, TXL42FT60E, TX-L42DT60E, TX-L42DT60E, Viera (TX-55AS800E), TX55AS802B, TX-L42FT60Y, TX-L47DT60E, TX-L50DT60E, ...Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB000953Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB000953Available between 1 to 2 weeks55.50 € (VAT included)PanasonicFor DMP-BDT360POriginal remote control PANASONIC N2QBYA000015Original remote control PANASONIC N2QBYA000015Not availablePanasonicFor Televisions Viera (TX-55CX740E), TX-55 CXW 754, Viera (TX-50CXE720), Viera (TX-55CXE720), Viera (TX-50CX800E), Viera (TX-65CX800E), ...Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYA000097Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYA000097Available in stock109.06 € (VAT included)PanasonicFor Televisions Viera (TX-65DX900E), TX-65 DXW 904, TX-49CXT756, Viera (TX-58DX900E), TX-49CXN758, TX-55CR850E, TX-55CXF757, TX-55CXN758, ...Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB001012Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB001012Available in stock73.23 € (VAT included)PanasonicFor Televisions Viera (TX-55CX800E), TX-50 CXW 804, TX-55 CXW 804, Viera (TX-50CX800E), TX-40 CXW 804, TX-65 CXW 804, Viera (TX-65CX800E), ...Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB001009Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB001009Not available(see available equivalences)PanasonicFor Televisions Viera (TX-40CS520E), Viera (TX-55CS520E), TX-55 CSW 524, TX-32DS500B, Viera (TX-32CS510E), TX-32DSW504, TX-40CSR520, ...Photo not availableOriginal remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB001011Available in stock74.25 € (VAT included)PanasonicFor Televisions Viera (TX-40CS610E), TX40CS610EW, TX-32CS600EW, TX-40 CSW 614 W, TX-32 CSW 604 W, Viera (TX-32CS600E), Viera (TX-40 CSW 614), ...Photo not availableOriginal remote control PANASONIC N2QAYA000109Available between 1 to 2 weeks158.75 € (VAT included)PanasonicFor Televisions Viera (TX-65CZ950E), TX-65CZC954, TX-65 CZW 954Original remote control RC 4875 (30087730)Original remote control RC 4875 (30087730)Available in stock16.12 € (VAT included)Various brandsFor 10097886 (L48F249X3CW-3DU), 10101038 (TE39275N25CXH), 10100397 (D40F287M3), TE 24282 B 30 C 10 E, 10096847 (D39F275N3), ...Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB001030Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB001030Available in stock33.00 € (VAT included)PanasonicFor DMP-BDT170, DMPBDT170EG, DMPBDT170EF, DMP-BDT181EF, DMP-BDT174EG, DMP-BDT180EF, DMP-BDT181EG, DMP-BDT185EG, DMP-BDT175EG, ...Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB001031Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB001031Available in stock30.75 € (VAT included)PanasonicFor DMP-BDT370, DMPBDT370EF, DMPBDT370EG, DMP-BDT280EB, DMP-BDT373EG, DMP-BDT374EG, DMP-BDT375EG, DMP-BDT280EF, DMP-BDT280EG, ...Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB001029Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB001029Available in stock30.75 € (VAT included)PanasonicFor DMP-BDT165, DMPBDT165EF, DMPBDT165EG, DMP-BDT167EG, DMP-BD833EGK, DMP-BDT167EF, DMP-BD843EGK, DMP-BD83EG-S, DMP-BDT166EG, ...Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB001046Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB001046Available in stock73.23 € (VAT included)PanasonicFor DMR-BST950EG, DMR-BCT950EG, DMR-BCT755EG, DMR-BCT855EG, DMR-BST755EG, DMR-BCT750EG, DMR-BCT850EG, DMR-BST855EG, DMR-BST750EG, ...Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB000728Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB000728Available between 1 to 2 weeks34.50 € (VAT included)PanasonicFor Home Cinema SC-BTT230, SCBTT230EFS, SA-BTT880EB, SC-BTT290, SC-BTT282, SA-BTT100EB, SA-BTT490EB, SA-BTT590EBOriginal remote control PANASONIC N2QAYA000128Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYA000128Available between 1 to 2 weeks57.00 € (VAT included)PanasonicFor DMP-UB900, DMPUB900EBK, DMPUB900EGK, DMP-UB900GNKOriginal remote control PANASONIC N2QBYB000019Original remote control PANASONIC N2QBYB000019Not availablePanasonicOriginal remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB000898Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB000898Available in stock71.49 € (VAT included)PanasonicFor DMR-PWT535EC, DMR-PWT535Photo not availableOriginal remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB000768Available between 1 to 2 weeks85.40 € (VAT included)PanasonicFor DMP-BDT500EGOriginal remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB001077Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB001077Available in stock45.45 € (VAT included)PanasonicFor DMR-UBT1GL-K, DMR-BWT850ECOriginal remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB001058Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB001058Available between 1 to 2 weeks55.50 € (VAT included)PanasonicFor DMR-PWT635EB, DMR-BWT850EBOriginal remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB001109Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB001109Not available(see available equivalences)PanasonicFor Televisions TX-32ESR500, TX-40ESW504, TX-49ES500B, TX-49ESW404, TX-49ES400B, TX-32ESW504, TX-32ES500B, TX-24ESW504, TX-40ES500B, ...Photo not availableOriginal remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB001147Available in stock48.00 € (VAT included)PanasonicFor DMP-UB300, DMPUB300EGK, DMPUB300EBK, DMP-UB390EBK, DMP-UB400EGK, DMP-UB404EGK, DMP-UB310EGK, DMP-UB400EBK, DMP-UB314EGK, ...Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB000833Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB000833Not availablePanasonicOriginal remote control PANASONIC N2QAYA000144Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYA000144Available in stock98.00 € (VAT included)PanasonicFor Televisions Viera (TX-55 EZ 950 E), TX-65EXF787, TX-65EZW1004, TX-55EZC954, TX-65EZ1000E, TX-65EZ952B, TX-65EZC954, TX-65EXN788, ...Original remote control PANASONIC 845-050-05B4Original remote control PANASONIC 845-050-05B4Available in stock37.60 € (VAT included)PanasonicFor Televisions TC-50CX400, TC-50CX400U, TC-55CX400, TC-55CX400U, TC-55CX420, TC-55CX420U, TC-65CX400, TC-65CX400U, TC-65CX420, TC-65CX420UOriginal remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB001111Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB001111Available in stock61.70 € (VAT included)PanasonicFor Televisions TX55EX633E, TX-49EX580B, TX-49 EX 620 E, TX-55EX600E, TX-49EX633E, TX-49EXW584, TX-65EX600B, TX-40EX600B, TX-49EX603E, ...Photo not availableOriginal remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB001185Available in stock45.00 € (VAT included)PanasonicFor DPUB424EGS, DPUB330EGK, DPUB424EGK, DPUB320EGK, DPUB420GNK, DPUB420EGK, DP-UB320EG, DP-UB320EBK, DP-UB420EBK, DP-UB391EBKOriginal remote control PANASONIC HDD Recorder IR6 (N2QAYB000914)Original remote control PANASONIC HDD Recorder IR6 (N2QAYB000914)Available in stock66.00 € (VAT included)PanasonicFor Multimedia hard drive DMR-HST230EG, DMR-HCT130EG, DMR-HCT230EG, DMR-HST130EG, DMR-BWT700EC, DMR-BST800Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB001178Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB001178Not available(see available equivalences)PanasonicFor Televisions TX-65FZ800E, TX-55FX740E, TX-65FXF687, TX-55FX613E, TX-43FSW504S, TX-65FXW724, TX-43FXW654S, TX-40FXM655, TX-55FXN688, ...Photo not availableOriginal remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB001108Available in stock74.24 € (VAT included)PanasonicFor Televisions TX-43ESW504SPhoto not availableOriginal remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB001090Available between 1 to 2 weeks70.50 € (VAT included)PanasonicFor DMP-UB700EFK, DMP-UB700EGK, DMP-UB704EGK, DMP-UB700EBKOriginal remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB001114Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB001114Available in stock49.50 € (VAT included)PanasonicFor DMR-UBC90EG 2TB, DMR-UBC86EN 1TB, DMR-UBS70EGS, DMR-UBC86ENK, DMR-UBC90EGK, DMR-UBS70EGK, DMR-UBC70EGK, DMR-UBS80EGK, ...Original remote control PANASONIC N2QBYB000033Original remote control PANASONIC N2QBYB000033Available in stock104.30 € (VAT included)PanasonicFor Televisions TX-L50DTW60, TX-L47WT60E, TX-L65WT600B, TX-L47DTW60, TX-L55DTW60, TX-L65WT600E, TX-L42DTW60, TX-L42DT60E, TX-L47DT60E, ...Photo not availableOriginal remote control PANASONIC N2QBYB000026Available between 1 to 2 weeks84.10 € (VAT included)PanasonicFor Televisions TC-P65ZT60, TX-PR65VT60, TC-P60ZT60, TX-P50VT60Y, TX-P50VT60T, TX-P55VT60Y, TX-P50VTW60, TX-P55VTW60, TX-P55VT60T, ...Photo not availableOriginal remote control PANASONIC N2QBYA000019Not availablePanasonicOriginal remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB001180Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB001180Not available(see available equivalences)PanasonicFor Televisions TX-65FX620E, TX-49FS503E, TX-32FSW504, TX-43FX623E, TX-43FX603E, TX-49FXW654, TX-40FS400E, TX-49FX620E, TX-32FS500E, ...Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYA000172Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYA000172Available in stock55.80 € (VAT included)PanasonicFor DP-UB9000, DPUB9000EGK, DP-UB9004EGK, DP-UB9000EB-K, DP-UB9004EG1, DP-UB9000EB1, DP-UB9000EG1Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB001060Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB001060Available in stock69.00 € (VAT included)PanasonicFor DMPBDT570EG, DMP-BDT 111 EG, DMP-BDT 110 EFOriginal remote control PANASONIC N2QAYC000126Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYC000126Available in stock33.00 € (VAT included)PanasonicFor Soundbar SC-HTB254, SC-HTB254EGOriginal remote control PANASONIC RC42128 (30100898)Original remote control PANASONIC RC42128 (30100898)Available in stock18.02 € (VAT included)PanasonicFor Televisions TX-55FX555E, 10119119 (TX-49FX555E), 10117544 (TX-49FX550), 10122247 (TX-43GX600), 10119618 (TX-43FX550E), ...Original remote control CT8556 (RC43160N)Original remote control CT8556 (RC43160N)Available in stock55.50 € (VAT included)Various brandsFor Televisions 65UA3A63DG, 10128762 (32WA3B63DG), 10128687 (43LA3B63DA), 10125678 (43UA2B63DG), 10131465 (50UA4B63DA), ...Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB001253Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB001253Available in stock74.24 € (VAT included)PanasonicFor Televisions TX-65HZ1500E, TX-55HZW984, TX-55HZ1500E, TX-65HZ1000E, TX-55HZC984, TH-65HZ1500E, TX-55HZ980E, TX-65HZC984, TX-55HZ1000E, ...Original remote control PANASONIC RC42128M (30103574)Original remote control PANASONIC RC42128M (30103574)Available in stock23.55 € (VAT included)PanasonicFor Televisions TX-24JS350E, 10127172 (TX-55HXW584), 10131696 (TX-65JXW634), 10132031 (TX-32JS360E), 10134017 (TX-39JS350E), ...Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB001247Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB001247Available in stock72.79 € (VAT included)PanasonicFor Televisions TX50HX810E, TX-40HXX889, TX-58HXX889, TX-40HX810E, TX-65HX940E, TX-55HX940E, TX-58HXT886, TX-50HXF887, TX-65HXF887, ...Original remote control RC43160N (30108046)Original remote control RC43160N (30108046)Available in stock34.50 € (VAT included)Various brandsFor Televisions 32HAK4258, 10128986 (32HAK4250), 10134272 (50HAQ6360), 10135412 (55HAQ7350), 10127743 (50HAK6150), 10134273 (43HAQ6360), ...Original remote control PANASONIC RC45160 (23748085)Original remote control PANASONIC RC45160 (23748085)Available between 1 to 2 weeks42.00 € (VAT included)PanasonicFor Televisions TX-50HX700E, TX-43HX700E, 10128131 (TX-55HX710E), 10133637 (TX-24JS380E), 10133996 (TX-32JS380E), 10127697 (TX-43HXW704), ...Original remote control PANASONIC N2QBYA000037Original remote control PANASONIC N2QBYA000037Available in stock73.95 € (VAT included)PanasonicFor Televisions TX-40JX800 E, TX-50JX820E, TX-50JXW834Z, TX-40JX820E, TX-58JXW834, TX-58JX810E, TX-50JXW834, TX-58JX800EZ, TX-65JX800E, ...Original remote control RC43160N (30107407)Original remote control RC43160N (30107407)Not available(see available equivalences)Various brandsFor Televisions TX-43HX700E, 10127701 (TX-50HXW704), 10128131 (TX-55HX710E), 10127705 (TX-55HXW704), TX-55HX700E, TX-65HX700E, ...Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB001211Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB001211Available in stock55.50 € (VAT included)PanasonicFor Televisions TX-65GXW704, TX-58GX710E, TX-40GXW704, TX-50GX710E, TX-50GXW704, TX-58GXW704, TX-58GX700E, TX-65GX700E, TX-40GX710E, ...Original remote control PANASONIC N2QBYA000048Original remote control PANASONIC N2QBYA000048Available in stock75.40 € (VAT included)PanasonicFor Televisions TX-48JZ1000E, TX-49JXX979, TX-55JZW2004, TX-50JXT886, TX-55JZC1004, TX-65JZ1500E, TX-65JXX979, TX-65JXX889, TX-65JXN888, ...Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYA000152Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYA000152Available in stock96.60 € (VAT included)PanasonicFor Televisions TX-65GZF1507, TX-55GZC1505, TX-55FZC804, TX-43GXT936, TX-65FZ830E, TX-49GXN938, TX-49FXN738, TX-55FXX739, TX-49GXT936, ...Original remote control PANASONIC 30094757Original remote control PANASONIC 30094757Available in stock24.75 € (VAT included)PanasonicFor Televisions TX-43DS352E, 10102818 (TX-48DS352E), 10113932 (TX-32DS352E), 10102797 (TX55DS352), TX48DS352Original remote control PANASONIC N2QBYA000044Original remote control PANASONIC N2QBYA000044Available in stock73.95 € (VAT included)PanasonicFor Televisions TX-58JXW854, TX-55JX970E, TX-65JZ980E, TX-55JXW944, TX-40JX850E, TX-49JX970E, TX-65JZC984, TX-55JZW984, TX-55JZ980E, ...Original remote control PANASONIC 30103575Original remote control PANASONIC 30103575Available in stock28.71 € (VAT included)PanasonicFor Televisions 10123101 (TX-32GS350E), TX-55HX580BOriginal remote control PANASONIC N2QBYA000045Original remote control PANASONIC N2QBYA000045Available in more than 4 weeks73.95 € (VAT included)PanasonicFor Televisions TX-58JX850B, TX-55JZ980B, TX-40JX850BZ, TX-65JX850B, TX-55JX940B, TX-50JX850B, TX-65JX870B, TX-50JX870B, TX-65JX940B, ...Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYA000219Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYA000219Available in stock96.60 € (VAT included)PanasonicFor Televisions TX-55HZT1506, TX-65HZ2000E, TX-55HZC1505, TX-65HZC2004, TX-55HZW1004, TX-65HZT1506, TX-65HZC1505, TX-55HZW2004, TX-65HZ1500B, ...Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYA000213Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYA000213Available in stock119.70 € (VAT included)PanasonicFor Televisions TX-55HXN976, TX-49HXF977, TX-43HXT976, TX-55HXN978, TX-65HXT976, TX-55HXT976, TX-49HXT976, TX-55HX970E, TX-65HXN978, ...Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB001245Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB001245Available in stock74.10 € (VAT included)PanasonicFor Televisions TX-58HX820E, TX-40HXW804Z, TX-65HX800E, TX-40HXW804, TX-58HXW804, TX-50HXW804, TX-58HX800E, TX-65HXW904, TX-40HX820E, ...Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB000966Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB000966Available in stock55.50 € (VAT included)PanasonicFor Home Theatre SA-BTT465EB, SA-BTT465EGOriginal remote control RC4316N (30107405)Original remote control RC4316N (30107405)Available in more than 4 weeks40.38 € (VAT included)Various brandsFor Televisions 10125774 (55UA2B63DB), 10135502 (50UA2B63DB), 10125776 (65UA2B63DB), 10131206 (50HAK6150U A), 10130325 (43HAK6150U H), ...Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB001134Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB001134Not available(see available equivalences)PanasonicOriginal remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB001157Original remote control PANASONIC N2QAYB001157Available in stock33.00 € (VAT included)PanasonicFor DMP-UB300PCK



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